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    Yoganga Healing is a holistic healing method designed to lift your present
    emotional and mental states to levels of higher consciousness.

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The Yoganga Healing technique is based on six stages of healing.

Yoganga Healing Rishikesh, India offers a compassionate yogic approach to healing which is based in Vast Vedic spiritual traditions and combined with western psychology. We incorporate yogic modalities and proven mind body techniques to help relieve stress and live life in harmony with oneself and others.

Three - pronged approach to healing, teaching and practicing yoga


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Yoganga Healing is an integrative mind body therapy developed from yogic traditions using self awareness and a mindfulness based holistic approach.
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Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma is a renowned yoga teacher known for his unique approach to teaching Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. His exposure, experience and wide knowledge in both Eastern and Western practices provide him with a deep and profound understanding of different cultural and social backgrounds. This enables him to approach each student individually. Having witnessed numerous healing and the therapeutic benefits of yoga and personal transformations within his students Sunil decided to share the therapeutic effect of yoga by creating Yoganga Healing in 2013. Sunil developed this holistic healing method called Yoganga Healing by working with the vast Vedic and Yogic traditions to awaken and bring about mind body excellence. Sunil is trained in traditional and Scientific Yoga from Kaivalyadhama. He has a Masters in Psychology and Counseling and is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the Indian society of clinical and experimental hypnosis. Having a background in modern psychology gives an added advantage to customize these ancient healing modalities to new age clients. Sunil is based in Rishikesh and leads Yoga teacher training programs internationally. He has a large client following in India and abroad. He is also a consultant for teacher training programs in Dubai, China, Croatia and other Asian and European countries. Read More
Yogi Sunil Sharma

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