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Healing Courses in India
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Yoganga Healing

Yoganga healing is a holistic healing method, developed to transform one's present emotional and mental states to higher levels of consciousness. The benefits are to live in abundance of physical and mental health, and provide tools for growth.

Our Mission

Yoganga Healing

To help people live lives free from limitations, derived from the mind. To help people explore the latent potential in their life, and live the life in totality, love and happiness.

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Power of Healing

Healing Courses in India

Awareness of pain or illness can be a beginning of self transformation. By harnessing the powers of yoga philosophy, eastern practices, and western techniques we can unleash our potential to heal,

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Yoganga Healing Rishikesh specializes in a more compassionate yogic approach to healing, based in Vedic spiritual traditions, combined with western psychology.


The modern human has forgotten how to relax. With yoga practices like Yoga Nidra we help develop voluntary control over the nervous system making a state of deep relaxation easily accessible.


Our healing sessions use yogic techniques including breathwork, to help students become self aware of problems they have been resisting, and help expand their state of consciousness.


Our mental patterns lead us to holding stress in our bodies. Acceptance is a crucial stage enabling someone to come to terms with life’s ebbs and flows, and see life as joyful again.


The past cannot be changed, forgiveness is the only way forward. Working from this perspective, we will use ancient yogic techniques to help you heal through true forgiveness.


Evolution has given us a negative bias and a tendency not to notice the beauty of life. An attitude of gratitude will helps us combat our negative biases and see life through equanimeous eyes.


In the yoga sutras of patanjali, the final stage of healing is surrender. If we learn how to truly surrender the attitude of ‘doer-ship’, we will reach the final goal of yoga.

Through the use is both yogic modalities and proven mind body techniques, we will help you find your center within mind and body.

Healing Modalities

In our Healing sessions we incorporate Yogangas (limbs of yoga) to expand awareness in physical, pranic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.


Meditation Teacher Training India


There is an insatiable quest in all human beings to find answers to eternal questions, such as, ‘where do I come from? What is the purpose my life?’ Answers to these questions can’t be found easily.

Scientists try to find answers to these questions through the external world and eastern sages turned their awareness internally.

Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting

In the words of Swami Rama “A mantra is a sound, a syllable, or a set of sounds. It is known not by its meaning, but by its vibrations. It provides a focus for the mind and helps one become aware of his or her internal states.

It is a way to understand one’s self and to coordinate one’s external and internal words.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India
Sunil Sharma
Yoga Philosopher

Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma is a highly acclaimed yogic philosopher and teacher with over 20 years of education and training. Equipped with a keen understanding of both Eastern and Western modalities, his expansive experience within both fields has provided him with a deep and profound understanding of different cultural and social backgrounds, thus enabling him to approach each student individually.

He is also one of foremost instructors in India, choosing to employ a variety of modalities like body awareness, breathwork, mind and sound resonance, deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation, to help his students achieve a deeper state of wellbeing.

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Our Services

Yoganga Healing is an integrative mind body therapy developed from yogic traditions using self awareness and a mindfulness based holistic approach.


Sunil specialises in Yoga Therapy and Psychotherapy for managing a number of psychosomatic diseases.

One on One Healing Retreats


Yoganga Healing Rishikesh offers sessions to groups of 5 or more people that cover a variety of yogic techniques.

Group Sessions


Yoganga Healing offers yogic coaching and training to yoga teachers, therapists and health professionals.

Customized Courses
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